Smile Prep


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Sensitivity Free | Removes Stains and Plaque | Whitening

Description: This miracle paste will have your mouth feeling fresh and pearly white, as if you just came from the dentist’s chair. Multi-action cleaners remove unsightly plaque and reduce tartar build-up, all while eliminating stains and gently polishing your teeth for that velvety smooth mouth feel. This unique formula is completely enamel safe, containing Perlite abrasive particles that start out coarse, then dissolve to fine grains as you brush your way to a brilliant smile, withand immediate visible whitening results

Smile Prep paste is a great prep step for SunnaSmile whitening treatments in order to boost brightness, and can be easily incorporated into your daily hygiene routine. As with all of our SunnaSmile products, Smile Prep paste is sensitivity free, so your smile will sparkle without the pain of traditional whitening and brightening methods.

Instructions: Add a pea sized amount to your toothpaste for up to 5 days in a row, initially. After, use as needed about 1-2 times per week and prior to each whitening treatment.


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